The action was fought under a fresh North-Easterly breeze, with a smooth sea. The Dutch fleet awaits action, close-hauled on the port tack with a cable's length between ships. The British are virtually running before the wind, and the differing sailing speeds of their ships are beginning to make themselves felt.

Action commences at 1000 yards range, just outside the effective range of the Dutch 32-pdrs. 


The Clear for Action scenario file and player briefing for this battle will be posted on the CFA Web site. Players of the board wargame Close Action can find a variation on this action on the Close Action home-page. See the Links page for details.


Due to the excellent (although sometimes contradictory) records of the British sailing navy, the armaments of their ships were reasonably straightforward to establish.

Records for the latter part of 1781 do show some of the fleet mounting 12-pdr
carronades, but the position has been taken that these were fitted when the squadron returned to port for repair after the action.

The Dutch armaments are far less certain. If any readers can provide better information regarding any of the vessels (from primary materials please) then please contact the Squadron by e-mail.