As Rod Langton brought the Majestic into the line to engage the Aquilon and Peuple Souverain, the CFA computer system reported the loss of her captain, command being taken by the first lieutenant.

What caused everyone to pause for a moment was that Majestic's Captain Westcott fell at this precise point in the actual battle, the only British Captain to be killed.

Lieutenant Robert Cuthbert fought the Majestic with great valour, the ship eventually suffering 193 casualties, second only to Bellerophon. The bravery of the men for whom this battle was no game should not be forgotten.


As can be seen from the maps in the preceding pages, the Band of Brothers succeeded in emulating their historical forbears by concentrating on the French van and doubling the line. They also successfully dealt with the challenges of early French successes in gunnery, both Goliath and Zealous suffering loss of a mast at critical points but pressing on to carry out their assigned tasks.

Compared to Nelson's fleet at the same point in the action, the Brothers have overcome the van but have not yet seriously engaged the centre. We therefore concluded that the end result of the battle would a still be a major victory for the British, with perhaps one or two ships of the centre division being able to escape the bay in company with the rear ships commanded by Villeneuve.

Not for nothing had Nelson ordered an attack on the enemy's van
and centre.