The Inshore Squadron was formed in 1998 to help commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of the Nile at the Royal Naval  Museum in Portsmouth.

A 1/1200th scale representation of Aboukir Bay was set up in the superb surroundings of the new Nelson Gallery, and with the use of a mixture of computer graphics and specially constructed models, the Inshore Squadron demonstrated Nelson's attack to over 300 visitors during the anniversary weekend of 1st/2nd August.

This web-page has been set up to show the Squadron's activities to a wider audience,  including wargamers, model-makers and all those with an interest in naval history in the Age of Sail.

As the site develops, we will add more write-ups of our demonstration events, together with historical information and links to other sites of interest.

The Wooden Walls of England. The Berwick leads the British Line into battle against the Dutch at Dogger Bank.


Who are The Inshore Squadron ?

The Battle of Dogger Bank - 1781

The Battle of the Nile -1798

The Nile Challenge



Clear For Action

The Squadron uses the Clear For Action computer ruleset, written by Malcolm Smalley, as the basis for its activities.

Refer to the Links section for additional information on Clear For Action,
including on-line reviews, additional scenarios and upgrades as well as ordering information.

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